Adult daycare spot opens

Today I learned that a spot has opened for Barry to attend the adult daycare place we looked at this summer. The problem is we only can afford for him to go one day a week — which they are willing to accommodate. I’m still waiting to hear if he can get Medical Assistance to pay for such things. No one returns my calls at the county Medical Assistance office, so I wait and wait for what I hope will be good news. Until I hear from the county, I am going to send Barry to the daycare program once a week.

Getting out of the house

Getting out of the house

Now at least one day out of seven, he will be away from the TV, his waffles and jellybeans. It was strange filling out the forms for the daycare program. What are Barry’s hobbies? Well, golf and art — or at least those used to be his hobbies. Perhaps now I should write — watching TV? Is anyone not allowed to pick him up? What are his interests? It’s hard to say. Do I write in what he used to like to do — or how he is now?

I also have an application for Metro Mobility. If we can figure that out, life will be better for both of us!

When I told Barry he was accepted at the place we visited this summer, I expected him to say he wasn’t going to go. But he simply said, “OK.” And that was that.

One foot in front of the other –moving forward!

5 comments on “BARRY’S JOURNEY No. 4
  1. Nancy, if I were in your position, I would go to the county medical assistance office and sit there until I got an answer. Go back every day until you get some sort of decision. You know the old “squeaky wheel” thing, don’t be too Minnesota Nice!

    Take care, old friend, and hang in there. Lots of people are pulling for you AND Barry!

  2. Blessings for small steps. You can do it.

  3. Milissa Link says:


    Wilder Caregivers Resource Center in St. Paul does some wonderful things to support caregivers. They may be able to help with navigating the system to get services. I attend a writing group for caregivers with Rox Sadovsky that is amazing. Just in case you hadn’t heard about it.

    Baby steps…

  4. Lisa Ventura Olson says:

    On the bright side, one day a week is better than none…..
    Keeping you both in my prayers

  5. Cynthia Reid says:

    Nancy-probably the best way to get MA to help pay for his care is to call your county social service department and ask for a long term care consultation. A county social worker or nurse will come out to visit and evaluate Barry’s care needs. After that, THEY will help you apply for MA. They will also let you know about the array of services available for Barry now and in the future!

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