Big Hips

You look fat

Every once in a while, I see a small part of the old Barry come out. One day late this summer, I took Barry down to the courtyard at his care center. He had not been talking much anymore. I would ask questions or talk about the kids and never get any response.

I was pretty sure he was losing his words as this next phase in frontotemporal dementia (FTD) took over his brain. As we walked in the courtyard, Barry suddenly said, “Your hips are really getting big!” What? When he finally speaks, this is what he says to me? But it made me laugh so hard!

I said, “Barry, I thought I had you trained to never comment on my weight!” He did not respond. As we sat down to enjoy the summer day, I said, “My birthday is coming up. What are you going to get me?” I didn’t expect an answer, but Barry looked up and said, “I’m going to get you a book on dieting!” Then he looked me in the eye and smiled.

Since that day, he has been quiet again. But at the time, I was happy to be teased by Barry for what may have been the last time. I loved it!

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