MY JOURNEY – To the wind

Ashes update

I am writing this up in Grand Marais. I had planned to snowshoe out to where I wanted to scatter some of Barry’s ashes along one of my favorite mushroom-hunting trails. But I got the flu and couldn’t hike when I arrived. Now several days later, I am about to leave for home and rain has left the trail muddy and soft, basically impassible. I suppose I could try to hike in, but the day is grey and gloomy. It just doesn’t feel right to leave him out there on a less than glorious day. Oddly it feels good to have his ashes sitting safely beside me as I work at my table. Another happy hour with him won’t hurt. After everything, I wonder if I will even be able to scatter the ashes at all. I thought this would be easy, but it’s not.

Barry shared the ride back home with me, sitting in the front seat beside a Culver’s Butter Burger and fries Tomorrow I leave for California to visit my best friend and scatter some of Barry’s ashes in the ocean. I hope I can do it. Maybe it will be easier after one more happy hour with him tonight.

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13 comments on “MY JOURNEY – To the wind
  1. Judy Peterson says:

    When it feels right….

  2. Kris Sandoz says:

    Keep swimming, Nancy!! You’re doing great!!

  3. Christine Bekiares says:

    I heard about a woman who kept the ashes, all or part, to travel with her in the future. Find your happy place for Barry. You will know It!

  4. Dandy says:

    Nancy, there’s no right or wrong time or place. You’ll feel peace about it and it may be lots of places over a long time and that’s OK.

  5. Susan Nelson says:

    Keep trucking. We love you.
    You help us too.

  6. claudine coughlin says:

    Nancy, Thanks for all of your updates! I hope that your trip to California will e wonderful! You will know when the time is right. Keeping you in my prayers! Love you, Claudine

  7. Karolyn Lee says:

    A lot love going your way! You are so thoughtful and you will know…….

  8. Nancy Paxson says:

    A sweet touching update. Thanks for sharing this continuing journey.

  9. In the fullness of time……….I love that phrase. This September it will be ten years since Paul died. Some of his ashes
    are in our yard here in Ohio, some in Lake Chautauqua, some in a family cemetery in Hungary, some here at home and most in a small cemetery nearby. I’ve just been thinking I should do something with them. But I am in no hurry. It was wise I think that you did not scatter them when it did not feel quite right to you. I find it wonderful that you are able to express yourself so well with your art.

  10. Carol Kellogg says:

    There is no time limit do it when it feels right. Say hi to Jeanne and have fun in CA

  11. Jean Housh says:

    So sweet. Your tender love for Barry shines through.

  12. Diane thompson says:

    I scattered my mom’s ashes in many of her favorite places but saved some for me to have always. Same with my dad. God bless

  13. Marshall says:

    We still have various containers of ashes at home from loved ones who are gone, both two and four legged.
    Save some for yourself whatever you do. It’s comforting and enjoyable to still have them around!

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