Hiking with friends

I asked several of my high school girlfriends if they wanted to hike with me last fall. Kris was the only one able to make it. We hiked at Bryant Lake in Eden Prairie, Minn, on a hot and sunny day. Time flew by as we walked and talked for more than three hours.

After the hike, Kris, who is really good with numbers, offered to help me figure out my expenses and set a budget. I had spent much of that fall preparing to file for bankruptcy so Kris’ help was invaluable in finalizing information needed by my bankruptcy lawyer. Most importantly, she would not let me give up until I understood exactly how much I make, how much I spend and how much I can save!! Thank you, Kris!
Then my friend Lucia wanted to go see Barry one day last fall. Boy, do I appreciate friends who are not afraid to go to the care center to see Barry. I suggested we hike first. I wanted to show Lucia my favorite, secret places off the main trails at Highland Park Reserve in Bloomington.

Barry and I lived in Bloomington for most of our marriage. I ran or rode my bike in the park almost every day and skied there all winter. Lucia and I parked at Normandale Lake and cut through on the trail behind the large ski jump. There is a spectacular view as you come to a big field that is part of Richardson Nature Center. In the fall, tall grass in this huge clearing is the prettiest golden color I’ve ever seen.

After I had showed her all my favorite spots in the park, we went to see Barry. Lucia brought him a music CD. He seemed to know her, but it was one of those visits where you wish after the first few minutes that you could leave. Barry wasn’t interested in doing too much that day. I often wonder what he thinks when I bring someone to see him. Is he embarrassed? Is he happy? Does he wish he could go clean himself up? I really don’t know, but when he has a visitor, he is usually pleasant and doesn’t swear — so that is a good thing.

These two hikes made me feel blessed to have such great friends!

Here are the two places we hiked:

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  1. Good friends, good memories. Many more hikes!

  2. terri shoberg says:

    In the midst of the nastiness of FTD, your strength. Barry is blessed to have you and you are blessed with some good friends.

  3. Maryfran Heitzman says:

    I live very near the park, and often escaped there when we were raising three teenagers. What a refuge. It was the inspiration for a lot of writing. Recently bought Sometimes You Barf. Grandkids love it.

  4. Coco Hohman says:

    Come on down to CoCo’s Artcamp…. First week in Aug. May inspire you.

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