Hiking with an old buddy
After graduating from college and traveling in Europe for eight months, I came home ready to do art. My first full-time job was at Dayton’s, selling sporting goods until my supervisor did me a favor. He said, “Why don’t you go do your artwork instead of working here!”

So I got a job at Walker Art Center, working three, ten-hour days a week so I could have the other four days to do art. Because it is hard to do art without a support system, a few of us women at the Walker started The Girl Art Club. Our members included photographers, painters, dancers, writers and illustrators. We met every few weeks to share our art work. To this day, most of us who were part of The Girl Art Club are still doing our art. It was a wonderful way to get the support we needed to keep at it!

Bar-sponsored softball team

At the same time, a couple of my roommates got the big idea to start a softball team. We recruited friends of friends, girlfriends of old boyfriends and work buddies and soon found enough women to start a team we called The Hits. We were sponsored by various bars in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, meaning that after games, we got free beer! Our friends and parents came to cheer us on. A week before my wedding, I got hit by a line drive straight into my mouth! The swelling went down just in time for the big day.

One of my new friends on The Hits softball team was Lucia Watson. At the time, Lucia was catering and hired me to be a server at some of her big parties. I wasn’t a very good server, but I sure learned a lot from Lucia about cooking and preparing for a party. We had some really good times back in our twenties before we got too busy with our careers and me with a new family.
It helps to talk

Lucia and I remained dear friends through the years although she was busy running three top-rated restaurants while I became a mom of three kids. Now more than 30 years later, Lucia and I met on a rainy, early spring morning to hike together at Murphy Hanrehan Park in Burnsville. We hiked, talked and watched Lucia’s dog, Audrey, go nuts chasing things through the woods. We were wet and eaten by mosquitos but what a fun morning. It was also a chance for me to talk with an old friend about Barry.

Here is the deal: As I go through all of this upheaval with Barry’s frontotemporal dementia (FTD), I’m realizing that I can’t handle it alone. It really helps to have old and new friends to talk to. For all of you readers of this blog who have offered to take a hike with me — let’s do it! I plan to post some hike information for anyone to join me this fall. I have quite a few hikes left until I reach my goal of 60 hikes — so let’s get going!

For a peaceful hike, check out http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/murphy_hanrehan_iba.html
For an awesome meal, check out http://www.lucias.com

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7 comments on “HIKE THIRTY-TWO
  1. I’d love to join you! It would be an honor, Nancy.

  2. Jennifer Ritchie Johnson Verlo says:

    I’m in for a hike ,Nancy….know we won’t have any trouble finding lots to chat about!
    High school…..but most importantly our darling children. I can’t thankyou enough for being so supportive and encouraging to my Benny, who is flourishing in the art world, thanks to you….

  3. Verna Pitts says:

    Hi Nancy!

    I would love to come and hike with you.
    Shoot me an email and we can figure it out.

  4. Pat Bauer says:

    I would love to, Nancy, though I’m somewhat limited by my back-to-school schedule!

  5. Sally says:

    Hey Nancy, I know we are thinking of getting together soon, and I would LOVE to go on a hike with you once I am all done with my treatments… will be later in October, but let’s put it on the calendar. ;o) Peace.

  6. Luanne Lescarbeau says:

    I’m not able to hike, but I am able to continue my years-long love affair with your art, which you mention in this blog. A new great-grandson is due in November, and for the shower, instead of cards to accompany the gifts, people are asked to bring a book. I have so many favorites in your body of work that I am trying to decide which one to buy. Guess I will do what I usually do—-buy a whole bunch of them!! I can always take one along every time I visit! God speed on your next hike.

  7. Jim and Kay Griggs says:

    Can an old 78year aunt go with you? I’m in pretty good shape and would love to join you! I also have a pretty good ear for listening. But knowing me I will have a lot to say too!

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