treeSouth Coastal Wilderness Trail, California

I was so lucky to visit California in June and spend time with old friends. I had been looking forward to this for over a year, holding my breath as my departure date neared that Barry would not get kicked out of his care center — or maybe something worse.

I did feel rather bad planning this trip because Barry loves California. We had been there many times together. His sister lives there, and we have had business trips and family vacations there. Just one year ago, Barry went to visit his sister Cathy. On the same day, I was flying to Canada to speak. I got Barry to his gate, bought him food and told him not to move. His plane was leaving after mine. I then walked way across the airport to my gate. As I was about to board my plane, who should arrive but Barry! He came to ask me if he could buy another sandwich and to tell me that his gate was changed! I had no time to walk him back, so I told him his gate number and said he could buy more food!

Escape to California

This June, I got on the plane and made my escape. I really needed a break and am grateful to my good friends for helping me out so I could get away! My first stop was to spend a few days with Diane, my old friend from Bloomington. Our sons met when they were five years old at the neighborhood park. Diane’s son, Brandon, had a Dick Tracy wristwatch and coat. When my son, Pat, saw Brandon all decked out in Dick Tracy stuff, he said, “I want to play with him!” They became friends and so did Diane and I. We had a lot in common — running, politics and golf that we began together at age 50!
Diane and her husband have moved to California, and I finally had the chance to visit. What a great, relaxing couple of days. We golfed, ate out, went to the beach and had an awesome hike not far from their house.

The hike

One can hike a long time on the South Coastal Wilderness trail. Diane and I only did a small part of it. After 2 1⁄2 hours, we were pretty hot and tired. The up and down rolling hills were quite dry because of the drought in California. It was a beautiful trail with the ocean in view not far in the distance. It was also fun to look at the beautiful homes along part of the trail.

I had done a short part of the trail the day before on my morning jog. I was a bit scared because I kept thinking of about a recent story in the news about a mountain lion attacking someone’s dog on another California trail. When I hiked the trail the next day with Diane, we were so busy talking that there was no chance a mountain lion would interrupt us! It was a great hike, and we earned our wonderful dinner out in Laguna Beach! Thank you Diane for such a relaxing visit and your support during this tough time. It also was so fun to see “the girls” — Diane’s dogs that I used to dog-sit.

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