First day at the ‘club’

So Barry had his first day at the adult day care facility. My friend Talla suggested coming up with another name for the place. Perhaps we should call it — going to the “club.” I think I will use that from now on.

birds on head

Birds on head

The “club” is wonderful. The staff welcomed Barry and introduced him to everyone. The nurse pointed to me and asked, “Who is this?” Barry said, “My wife; we live at the same place.” With that they took him along for his first day. I left feeling like I did when I first dropped my kids at nursery school.

I thought about him all day and worried that I might get a call to come get him because he was causing trouble. But there were no calls. When I picked him up, he seemed kind of happy. A staff member reported that after lunch Barry said, “Well, I guess I will leave now.” She explained that he had to stay until I came — and he was fine with that.

During the day, Barry did a little painting. It made me really happy to see that he was kind of interested in art again. It was just colors on paper, but I might use it for my doodle backgrounds — if he’ll let me!  A collaboration!

On the way home, I asked him if he had made any new friends. (Just like I used to ask my kids on the way home from nursery school.) Barry said, “Yes, a guy with a walker named Harold.”

So day one was a success.

That evening he fell asleep very early. I guess a day at the “club“ can be pretty tiring!

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8 comments on “BARRY’S JOURNEY No. 5
  1. Pj lyons says:

    Nancy, I’ve been praying that God would send you respite care. Prayer answered?

  2. Deb says:

    Nancy, I am so happy that you are finding someone to help with caregiving ! It’s going to be all about teamwork for Barry! I’ll keep on praying!

  3. So glad to hear this! Good for both of you.

  4. collern doyle ruegemer says:

    In FB fashiion I just wanted to like your blog. My dad died after 10 years of alzheimers. I can’t inagine how I would have handled a spouse. May God bless you in other ways.

  5. It sounded like a very enjoyable day for Barry. The staff at “the club” sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

  6. Terry says:

    My friend’s husband, who attends adult day care, calls it his ‘singles club’. My friend has no idea where THAT came from ~ but she’s amused nevertheless. He loves going to his singles club!

  7. Gary Walch says:

    Nancy, Thanks for sharing. Praying that you and Barry and the kids get through this as best you can. Mary Kay and I are thinking of you guys. Big Gar

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