October 2016 – Flu Shot?

fluGot a call from Barry’s care center about his yearly flu shot. Last year they guilted me into letting him have the shot. This year I am standing my ground. I said no to the vaccine. Barry never leaves his bed so who can he infect? Every day is a constant test of my will as I try hard to guide Barry along as FTD takes over his entire body. I really hate thinking about all this but I have to because it is my job as his wife.

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9 comments on “October 2016 – Flu Shot?
  1. Maryanne Coronna says:

    I support you 100%. They push it so hard, and I have to wonder why.

  2. Jane says:

    I totally agree with your decision. I’ve argued over pneumonia shots, and other meds.just can’t see the reason for them. Blessings to you!

  3. Beth-Ann Bloom says:

    The voice of public health in me reminds you that he could infect his caretakers who then put their families and other patients at risk.Healthcare facilities are also evaluated on their effectiveness in immunizing all their patients. These are the kind of ratings that can impact reimbursement.

    I respect your view that infection will be a gift to Barry if he is just gently carried away but just thought I would offer a little perspective and that he would not understand why he should have a shot. I am so sorry you continue to have to make such painful decisions.

  4. Ann hustad says:

    I support you 100 percent pal!

  5. Karolyn Lee says:

    Yes, yes and a big yes! I completely agree with you!

  6. Christine bekiares says:

    I understand your inner struggle. It’s a situation many of us will face. Your strength and decision making make me so proud of strong women like you. You are a wonderful role model.

  7. claudine coughlin says:

    I go along with your thinking. Take each day as it comes Nancy and know that you are an exceptional wife and caregiver. He loves you for that even though he cannot express himself!
    I as with your mom today. She and I will be given the title of Golden Girls next Saturday. Best of friends forever. 50 years!
    Love, Claudine

  8. Judy Peterson says:

    You are showing your love and concern each step of the way! Prayers for you…

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