MY JOURNEY – July 2016

Working Anywhere

I am up north writing this because I really need some uninterrupted time to concentrate on turning my blog into a memoir. I have this week off between teaching classes and some speaking engagements this summer, so I packed up my stuff and drove to Grand Marais. I also want to finish the Superior Hiking Trail.
I completed the last half of the trail to the Canadian border, but still have the section from Grand Marais to Jay Cooke State Park to go. It is a long way because I am really doing it twice. I am hiking alone so I drive to a trailhead, walk a couple of hours into a campground, then backtrack to my car. The next day I will drive to another trailhead and hike to that same campground but from the other direction. There is a Superior Hiking Trail pickup service, but I actually like seeing the trail from both directions. Plus with my lack of a sense of direction, this is a great way not to get lost. I am renting a little place in town and it is perfect. I hike each morning then go back to write and draw.

It dawns on me as I sit eating lunch in a huge field overlooking Lake Superior that I can work anywhere now. This wasn’t always the case. Back when we were a growing family, we always looked for homes where I could work. It was important to Barry that I have a good work space. I, too, felt that I needed the perfect spot to create. The space needed natural light, quiet and it needed to be away from all the family hubbub. I preferred to have my studio at home because before bed I loved to take a look at what I worked on that day. I would either be pleased with a picture or, sometimes, I knew that a piece would need work the next day.

But that is a lifetime ago, before FTD entered our lives. In the past five years, I have worked in all sorts of places. For example, not too long ago, I worked in a basement with no natural light and my mom ironing right next to me as I tried to draw. I have worked in a warehouse space where my son worked and in a room next to a “massage therapist” who did a lot more than massage backs. I also created a work space at my friend’s house every time I watched her dogs for a week or two. I succeeded in all these places and now realize that I really don’t need a fancy space. I just need ideas and a bit of quiet.

As I sit eating my lunch on a rock today, I am texting myself all the doodle ideas I have had so far from my hike. I find that being in nature is the best place to get ideas!

After my hike I drive to the little cabin and begin to write on my laptop. Tonight I will sit on the couch, turn on the radio and doodle away. It is good to know that no matter where I go and where I might live someday, I will find a way to create. It’s just what I do.

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15 comments on “MY JOURNEY – July 2016
  1. Beth-Ann Bloom says:

    There may be a special market for those massage parlor doodles 🙂

    • jean Housh says:

      Nancy, dang these neurodegenerative diseases. My husband is having lung surgery this afternoon. Struggling lately with sob, shallow breathing, fatigue. CT scan revealed 5 cracked ribs likely from previous falls. Extracted 1.5 quarts of “old blood” Monday. Left video assisted thoracic surgery should clear lung. 4-7 days at Abbott NW hospital. And still he has a twinkle in his eye.

    • Jeanne says:

      You had a creative space in Santa Barbara too and it’s still here for you!

  2. sheila burns says:

    I’ve wanted a rented studio space for decades. Finally realized that my tiny former closet is it. Funny how turning my computer desk around freed up wall space for art and made it more welcoming. I bought a cheap bathroom rug from Walmart and the dog loves lying on it. All set to create. I might have trouble creating a mural in here, however!

  3. Christine bekiares says:

    Just keep going. Don’t ever stop. A new challenge can get creative juices flowing!!! Love your books and posts. A real inspiration. Thanks Nancy.

  4. Christine bekiares says:

    Just keep going. Don’t ever stop. A new challenge can get creative juices flowing!!! Love your books and posts. A real inspiration. Thanks Nancy.

  5. claudine coughlin says:

    Hi Nancy, So glad that you were able to get away up north and that you are enjoying yourself. You do have such a creative mind and I am amazed at all the clever drawings you come up with. Take time for yourself while you are gone. Talked to your mom today and I am picking her up on Friday for PEO. I think we are going to try Zekes also. Love you, Claudine

  6. Ann Carlson says:

    The end of this post sounds just like I Like Me!

  7. Ann Carlson says:

    The end of this post sounds just like I Like Me!

  8. Diane Creager says:

    Miss you at that little work space. The girls miss you too.

  9. Judy Peterson says:

    You do persist…you adjust….you feel…you see, then you create and inspire. Thanks for being you!

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