The beach hike, California

After my stay and hike with Diane, I headed to Malibu where my girlfriends had rented a house to celebrate our 60th birthdays. Most of us have been friends since grade school. My friend, Sue, and I went to nursery together! As soon as I pulled up, I could hear laughing and talking from inside the car. This started three days of catching up and lots and lots of laughter!

We stayed in a big funky house on the beach. It was amazing that we all got up and out pretty fast to hike on the first morning – all eleven women!

We walked at a good pace, talking the whole way. We lost a few along the way when we came to an awesome beach bar. The rest of us kept walking until we came to a big cliff and couldn’t go any further. On the way back, we picked up the gang at the bar and spent the rest of the day at the beach and dinner out!

Solstice Canyon, California

On our last full day in California, a few of us hiked another trail just up the road from the house. I had discovered the trail when I went for a jog the morning before. It’s at Solstice Canyon. I kept running up and up the trail until the thought of that worrisome mountain lion entered my brain. I was alone in the very early morning. After about an hour jogging, I turned around. I had found a great place for us to hike.

The next morning was hot and beautiful as we headed up the canyon — straight up! The best part of all was that I had my old friends with me. We were celebrating turning 60 years old and our long friendships. These women were the first people to come to my aid when I was trying to figure out what was going on with Barry. At my lowest points, they took me out to dinner and let me vent! I really do not know what I would have done without these women in my life. I never thought I would make this trip, but with their help and support, here I was –having a ball! We hiked a long time that day, and it was just beautiful. We all did pretty darn good for a group of 60-year-old women!

Thank you all for a great trip. Next stop Santa Barbara.

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